Working in a constantly changing world in which global phenomena interact with highly diverse socio-economic environments is one of the main challenges that multinational groups must face. Enel is committed to respecting the rights of communities and to contributing to their economic and social development, interacting every day with a multitude of stakeholders. A distinctive element of this effort is the definition of an approach that is both global and local in order to take account of the specific needs of each country through listening, cooperation and understanding of the local context.

This constant dialogue with the communities and the inclusive engagement of small and medium enterprise and of the various organizations operating within the communities enable us, together, to build projects and solutions targeting shared priorities and which promote local development and the creation of shared value over the long term.

In 2017, with over 1,200 projects and more than nine million beneficiaries in the various countries in which we operate, Enel made a concrete contribution to the social and economic growth of our communities, from expanding infrastructures and providing education and training programs to initiatives of social inclusion and projects to support culture and the economy, all in accordance with the SDGs.

A crucial lever in carrying out these projects has been our partnerships with local non-profit organizations that promote local development through innovative, custom-designed initiatives. In 2017 in particular, we had more than 600 partnerships throughout the world with local organizations, social enterprises, universities, and international associations and non-governmental organizations.