La digitalizzazione e l’attenzione al cliente sono importanti fattori abilitanti della strategia di Enel. L’impegno costante nel garantire la fornitura di energia, nel fornire prodotti e servizi di qualità e nella cura e attenzione nelle attività di customer care caratterizza la relazione di Enel con i propri clienti nei diversi Paesi in cui il Gruppo opera. Nel 2017 il numero medio di clienti energia e gas è stato pari a circa 64 milioni, in crescita rispetto al 2016.

È precisa responsabilità di Enel assicurare una fornitura continua e sicura dell’energia ai sistemi elettrici nazionali dei Paesi in cui opera come distributore. La qualità della fornitura è strettamente legata all’affidabilità e al livello di efficienza dell’infrastruttura di trasmissione e distribuzione, che deve essere in grado di far fronte ai livelli di domanda richiesti. Enel, in coordinamento con gli altri soggetti che a vario titolo operano sulle infrastrutture di rete, realizza continui interventi di sviluppo e di efficientamento, volti principalmente a ridurre il numero e la durata delle interruzioni del servizio.

Digitization and our focus on the customer are important enabling factors of Enel’s strategy. Our constant commitment to ensuring the provision of energy, to providing high-quality products and services, and to caring for our customers is the distinguishing characteristic of Enel’s relationship with our customers in the various countries in which the Group operates. In 2017, the average number of power and gas customers came to about 64 million, an increase over 2016.

It is Enel’s precise responsibility to ensure the constant, safe provision of energy to the electrical systems of the nations in which we operate as a distributor. Provision quality is closely linked to the reliability and efficiency of the transmission and distribution infrastructures, which must be able to deal with the levels of demand. In coordination with the other entities that operate in various roles on the grid infrastructures, Enel carries out constant development and efficiency efforts aimed mainly at reducing the number and duration of service interruptions.

Through products designed for both the residential and business markets, the company has confirmed proposals made in recent years by providing dedicated offerings that come with a lower environmental impact and a focus on the more vulnerable segments of the population.

For example, in Italy in 2017, we launched a product for the provision of electricity to support the recovery of businesses in the zootechnical and agricultural industries in areas affected by earthquake or heavy snowfall. Known as Energia Impresa Abruzzo, the offering is provided solely via direct channels (i.e. physical points of sale and key account managers) and was also presented to the industry associations.

Our attention to the customer in providing quality services concerns more than just the provision of electricity and/or natural gas, extending, above all, to intangible aspects of our service that relate to the perception and satisfaction of our customers.

There are numerous processes aimed at ensuring customers receive high-quality service. In Italy, the commercial quality of all our channels of contact is ensured through systematic monitoring of the sales and management processes in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and that we respect the privacy, freedom and dignity of our customers. To this end, there is the “New Quality Control” model, which introduces contractual KPIs, associated with minimum thresholds for the assignment of bonuses and penalties, for partners that manage sales and customer-care activities. In Iberia, the Plan de Excelencia en la Atención Comercial (Plan of Excellence in Customer Focus) continues to work towards improving customersatisfaction indicators through call centers, physical offices, and online presence, while customers in Romania are now able to provide feedback through various channels, including contact centers, the website and, since 2017, the “live agent” online through which customers now have a new channel of communication in order to manage their utilities.

Enel also launched the new “Enel-X” Division in 2017 in order to create new services and provide innovative solutions for customers. Four global product lines have been created:

  • e-Industries, which concerns solutions aimed at largescale customers and with a particular emphasis on flexible services;
  • e-Mobility, which is devoted to promoting electric mobility;
  • e-Home, dedicated to residential customers with services such as the installation, maintenance and repair of advanced home technologies;
  • e-City, which provides integrated services to local and central governments, as well as connectivity solutions such as the wholesale offering of fiber-optic services.

There are also two global functions: the product lab, which designs, develops and tests – with the help of customers – new products and services; and platform development, in order to develop Internet of Things platforms, i.e. platforms for the management of complex processes within the scope of various functions with the goal of meeting new customer needs through innovative technologies.

Customers by geographical area

Average no.
- Italy 26,420,058 26,776,635 (356,577) -1.30%
- South America (1) 18,044,215 15,478,255 2,565,960 16.60%
- Iberia 10,941,644 11,047,937 (106,293) -1.00%
- Romania 2,782,014 2,736,908 45,106 1.60%
Total electricity customers 58,187,931 56,039,735 2,148,196 3.80%
Natural gas:
- Italy 4,003,484 3,876,191 127,293 3.30%
- Spain 1,550,424 1,513,379 37,045 2.40%
Total natural gas customers 5,553,908 5,389,570 164,338 3.00%

(1) The increase in customers is attributable to Brazil as a result of the acquisition of Enel Distribuição Goiás in February 2017.